Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline


The Volvo typography has both a functional and an aesthetic side. It creates impact, ensuring text is legible and easy to read, and at the same time it creates a distinct character that is easy to recognize. 

Volvo typefaces

Our two primary typefaces are Volvo Novum and Volvo Broad. They are both Volvo owned fonts and should be used in all communication, both print and digital. Note that Volvo Broad are not to be used to communicate any other brand than the Volvo brand.

Volvo Novum supports Latin, Cyrillic and Greek languages and Volvo Broad supports Western and Central European languages.

Volvo Novum

Volvo Novum comes in four primary weights, which provide useful variation, and is suitable for headings, sub-headings, introductions, body copy and captions. The italic versions of the four weights is suitable to highlight whole sentences or just a single word. Volvo Novum Digital is a font developed for responsive digital designs. It should be treated in the same way as the version used in print.


Volvo Broad

Volvo Broad is the font that is most closely linked with our brand. To secure a premium brand expression Volvo Broad must only be used for short, selected headlines and strong, short statements. It also works well in product designations. Never use Volvo Broad in running text. Volvo Broad Digital is a headline typeface developed for responsive digital designs. It should be treated in the same way as the version used in print.


Volvo Broad Outline, optional

This typeface can be used to highlight words in sentences set in Volvo Broad. 


Options for spacing and leading

To create a more contemporary and distinct look, a specific spacing and leading for Volvo Broad can be applied. The same recommendations apply for Volvo Broad Outline.

The spacing can be set between +50  to +60% to make a more airy and humanistic appearance. Shown below: +60%.

The leading can be set to between 85-90% of the font size to harmonize with the airier spacing. Shown below: 85% e.g. 50/42,5pt.

Spacing in PowerPoint presentations

To create the same airy visual expression in PowerPoint presentations, choose “loose setting” in the spacing panel.

NOTE: PowerPoint presentations must be saved as a PDF to secure correct viewing of the fonts on external non-Volvo computers.


Examples of how our typefaces can be used and combined.

Do not

Shown here are examples of incorrect use of the Volvo typefaces.

Font equivalents

The Volvo brand typefaces support a wide range of languages – but not all languages used on the markets in which we are present. This page details Volvo font equivalents to use for non-supported languages. The suggested fonts are recommendations, other fonts may be used as long as they strongly resemble the fonts presented here.


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