System Test Leader

What do Florence Nightingale, Marco Polo, Amelia Earhart and Sherlock Holmes all have in common?
They would all be a perfect candidate to join our team as System Test Leader!
  • Florence would fit perfectly as test leader since we are looking for someone with proven transformational leadership who can question and improve the ways we are used to.
  • Marco, since we need someone with courage to explore the unknown.
  • Amelia because of her uncompromising commitment and fearless decisiveness.
  • Sherlock’s eye for details and passion to solve problems would be highly beneficial in the role.

But in the end of the day, we are not looking for a super-human who checks all the boxes.
What really matters is that our new colleague has the right personality, mindset and complements the team with new perspectives and knowledge.
Who are we?
The Team [System Testing & Test Lead] is probably one of the loudest teams within the Volvo Group. While this is nothing to be proud of, it is an indicator that we are having fun at work with an open-minded atmosphere.
A common denominator for the team is that we take great pride in our products and we share a deep, genuine passion for Volvo and its customers and end-users.
Our passion is important since it motivates us to continuously walk the extra mile (which we are happy to do if it brings value to the products and its users).
Diversity makes us strong. Different backgrounds, experiences, personalities and characteristics give the team resemblance of a Swiss army knife and we are always looking for new components to increase our versatility.
To be less abstract; we are a team of testers and test leaders who genuinely believe that testing is tacit knowledge which requires practice, dedication and a creative mind [among many other features].
We are not building our testing ability around documentation and instructions.
We build testing around the testers.
Our humble ambition is to become the best automotive testers in the world, combining edge-cutting automated testing and mastering the beautiful art of manual exploratory testing.
And what do we do?
Together with our friends, we are developing the best transport solutions in the world. Period.
Our contribution to this [although very simplified] is to continuously integrate software in our products and test the complete system (commonly referred as “the trucks”).
We provide a complete product status to take the correct decisions and to generate feedback back to the developers, so they can know what they need to fix.
We do this to secure that the electrical system and its functions (the soul of the truck) are behaving according to our customer’s high expectation on our products.
Who are you?
We are not entirely sure yet, since we have not met you.
But as stated above, a courageous decisive transformational leader with eye for details and passion to improve and to solve problems would contribute significantly to our team!
What our team needs is someone that can help us navigate in darkness; our industry is under transformation and we are constantly facing new challenges and undiscovered territories in a rapid pace.
To lead us in change. Unrelenting, but with cautions hand push us in the right direction.
It will require high ability to master new technologies as well as finding better ways to develop them.
You will be responsible for planning, organizing and create strategies for [but also beyond] test activities and occasionally to lead them.
You will work with everyone who is part of developing our future products. Even though you belong to our team, you will be working with all development teams.
We are in this together, but it is vital that you are self-propelled and thrive in environments that are constantly changing. Expect that we do not have the answers, but we will be happy to find out together with you.
What does it take?
  • Experience from technology/product development and product testing is necessary, but an honest passion and proven record for driving change in these domains is even more important.
  • Practical technology leadership. Theoretical is a bonus.
  • Truck driving license (C or CE) and knowledge about trucking would be awesome but not mandatory.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English and preferably in Swedish
  • Engineering degree or equivalent experience

Interviews will run throughout the recruitment, so don’t wait to send in your application!
For further information, please contact: Tim Jansson, Group Manager System Testing and Test Lead, +46 73 9029350


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