Director: Volvo Group Real Estate

About us
Group Real Estate is an integrated function in the Volvo Group, with strategic and operational responsibility for the Group’s properties and real estate assets as well as for facility management. We are responsible for the entire property lifecycle, from acquisition to divestment. We optimize the use and value of the Volvo Group's facilities, owned and leased. We act as a center of expertise, generating economies of skill and scale in the real estate area. The Volvo Group values are our guiding stars in everything we do, e.g. develop an attractive workplace for the Volvo Group’s employees worldwide. We are approximately 300 employees supporting Volvo Group in 60 countries worldwide. Our property footprint consists of some 1000 sites, both leased and owned. We manage all types of properties: dealers, workshops, offices, warehouses, production facilities and more.
At Group Real Estate (GRE) we have decided to be the business partner in securing performance and driving transformation for Volvo Group. To be able to fulfill our target image, your contribution will be crucial!
This is us, your new colleagues
Retail, Industry and Office Europe and Africa Division consist of 6 different regions where of South Africa is one. We are 55 team players covering 25 countries, deliver real estate services and solutions for office, industrial and retail to enable Volvo Group to be the most desired and successful transport and infrastructure solution provider in the world.
Job Description
The main purpose of this job is to secure the performance within the (GRE) Group Real Estate scope of supply, property management, facility management and property projects in a way that support both the demands from AB Volvo, the Operational plan, strategy and concepts, the needs from the TD/BA’s as well as existing legal requirements.
Accountable to proactively maintain and preserve the value of Volvo’s properties/facilities (activity) through close cooperation with stakeholders and suppliers.
Responsible for securing alignment to GRE strategy and concept whilst, at the same time meeting the needs from our colleagues.
Reporting: This position will report to the VP Retail Industrial & Office Division.
Role & Responsibility:

  • Responsible for leading and develop the GRE delivery. Keep up to date with market trends and development.
  • Responsible for tactical meetings with local stakeholders, securing that both stakeholder and GRE needs are taken into account in all decisions.
  • Provide input to the central GRE functions regarding developments and opportunities with new technologies, quality, new products or services and other beneficial information.
  • Secure good communication with tenants, landlords and suppliers; giving advice, proposals and project management services aligning business needs and demands with local colleagues/ stakeholders.
  • Provide expertise input and secure performance, business continuity, safety, quality, sustainability, cost control, efficiency and property value over time, without compromising on Volvo Group needs.
  • Drive and challenge both the regional and divisional team to develop engagement, competence and proactively work with and stimulate an effective teamwork.
  • Identify cause- and effect dynamics in complex organizations, to analyze structures and processes and contribute in the improvement of organizational set up.
  • Improve performance using lean concepts to reduce lead time, eliminate waste and losses, and improve the quality of our projects and services.
  • Drive and implement the GRE strategy for the area of responsibility.
  • Establish a roadmap with activities and clear responsibilities.
  • Implement Focus Improvements KPI’s into the organization with individual targets how to contribute to the Target Image and the overall Volvo Group results.

Job Objectives:

  • Accountable for the GRE operational and financial responsibility for designated sites, including property and facility management, projects, investments, divestments, leases, masterplans and stakeholder demands at tactical level.
  • Personnel responsibility for the employees in the area.
  • Accountable to ensure health & safety compliance within the day-to-day service delivery within the GRE scope.
  • Accountable for assuring compliance with relevant directives, authority regulations, laws and property legislation.
  • Accountable for investments and divestments including land and property acquisitions.
  • Accountable to analyse and prioritize among investment needs and prepare data for investment cases.
  • Accountable for preserving the operation and value of Volvo’s properties/facilities at site level, including overall budget responsibility and follow up for income, costs and projects.
  • Accountable that all activities undertaken are focused on cost efficiencies, adding value and aligned with the RE Financial Business plan and Operational plan.
  • Accountable for Site Master plan execution.
  • Accountable for execution of all property- and administrative projects according to the investment process.
  • Accountable for content, data accuracy and ensuring timely updates for all dimensions in property databases and other real estate specific systems.
  • Accountable for the full process regarding internal and external lease contracts including negotiation, invoicing and secure contracts when new or changed tenant. 
  • Accountable for specifications and negotiations of contracts for maintenance, consultants and services in cooperation with Volvo’s purchasing function.
  • Accountable for managing sourcing where purchasing responsibility are delegated to GRE.
  • Accountable to maintain a close cooperation with business control, to understand and explain the cost development as well as drive improvements to get back on track if needed.
  • Accountable for local dialogues with our colleagues after alignment with business control regarding cost calculation output and figures for forecast.
  • Accountable for property tax, indexation and insurance values.
  • Accountable to secure space optimization for offices.

Key Competencies:

  • Service Delivery.
  • Knowledge of key elements in the continuous improvement concept.
  • Decision Making.
  • Planning & Organising.
  • Team player.
  • Excellent communication and network skills.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Leadership skills.

Job Qualification & Experience:

  • MSc in Engineering or business administration or similar.
  • Appropriate licenses where applicable.
  • Several years of leadership skills.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in real estate and facility management.
  • Thorough knowledge in financial control.
  • B.Com University degree or equivalent is required.

Volvo Group Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd is an affirmative action, equal employment opportunity employer.

The Volvo Group drives prosperity through transport solutions, offering trucks, buses, construction equipment, power solutions for marine and industrial applications, financing and services that increase our customers’ uptime and productivity. Founded in 1927, the Volvo Group is committed to shaping the future landscape of sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions. Countless career opportunities are offered across the group’s leading brands and entities that share a culture of Trust, Passion, High Performance, Change and Customer Success. 

As employees, every day of our working lives, we utilize the Volvo Group properties and the associated facility management services as part of our day to day routine. Group Real Estate provides quality buildings and facility management services that support Volvo Group's identity, safety and environmental care within a cost-efficient framework. This is crucial in order to allow the Volvo Group to manufacture products and deliver services required by our end customers. Group Real Estate is organized in seven divisions and three functions.

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