Analysis of OTA (Over The Air) control - reliability and availability

Title: Analysis of OTA (Over The Air) control - reliability and availability
Abstract & background:
OTA is a promising solution for future construction machines allowing a higher level of flexibility for machines operators. Wireless technologies bring a challenge of providing guarantees for up-time and a set reliability level, however have more potential for successful information transmission given failures coming from safety and security domains, i.e., wired communication works till the cable is untouched, it is not that straightforward to prevent wireless communication. Thus, the objective of this thesis work is to investigate possible mechanisms that could be engaged when detecting a lower wireless signal strength. Such techniques include but not limited to relying, frequency hopping, retransmission schemes. The work includes a survey for identification of appropriate mechanisms, their evaluation through modelling and a concussion in a form of suggestions for reliability and availability increasing techniques for the OTA control functionality.
Task and eventual goal with the thesis work (if not described already in the abstract):
  • Availability and reliability analysis for OTA control functionality;
  • Set of evaluated measures for additional support of the properties.
  • One master student;
  • (15/30) credits thesis (ECTS);
  • Knowledge of embedded systems, communication technologies, modelling techniques.
Provided by VCE:
  • Availability of the industrial supervisor for a weekly meeting with the student;
  • Description of a use case for OTA control.
Kick-off date: January 2022
Contact person: Elena Lisova/Patrik Lindblom (elena.lisova@volvo.com, patrik.lindblom@volvo.com)

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