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We are Hiring a Data Scientist at Volvo Group!
Imagine yourself on the way to work, a regular Wednesday morning. As you drive by the familiar sights, you look out your window and see a Truck, a Construction Machine, and a Bus: all with the Volvo Brand. You look at the driver of one of the Buses you pass and realize that you can see how much they love their vehicle, in the way their eyes sparkle and by the expression on their face. You also see the satisfied passengers – someone is sleeping, someone is looking out the window relaxing, and someone is talking on the phone without needing to raise their voice, as the bus is electric and so quiet. As you look at these people and see their positive feelings, you feel proud. You feel proud because you are a part of building these customer experiences. You are doing it by creating new and advanced solutions for insights on customer satisfaction combined with future technologies, based on data and analytics!

We would now like to give you the possibility to make this imagination and pride your reality. Come and join our team as a Data Scientist!

Who are we, your new colleagues?
We at Volvo Group are constantly moving and changing to be one step ahead in the technology journey. Within Volvo Group Trucks Technology, we are adapting and challenging ourselves to be able to develop breakthrough transport solutions. We strive to add value and the best solutions to our customers while being energy efficient, sustainable, and safer for society. That is why we in the Innovation and Data Analytics (IDA) team are now are looking for you, our new colleague, for the position as Data Scientist.
In our team, we are driven by curiosity and we value thinking outside of the box and trying new things to find new ways to best succeed. We are driven by passion for what we do, and we also value great communication – without communication we cannot work with as much flexibility and trust as we do today. Lastly, we strongly believe that a helpful team who is passionate about what they do is the key for an effective and positive work environment.

This is how you can make an impact:
You will work as a Data Scientist within the area of Analytics. Depending on your previous experience and interest, the focus of your responsibility might be a little different. We do believe you will contribute with:
  • Identifying what is available on the external market as well as within the internal Volvo Group organizations to assess how we can better utilize and evolve Analytics within our Quality & Customer Satisfaction division.
  • Driving us from opportunities to implemented solutions, through our team and collaborating partners.
  • Breaking down a common to be able to go from theory to implementation, together with the team, stakeholders, and Product Owners.
  • Networking, relationship building and collaborating with our user groups and stakeholders, to assure we are on top of their challenges and are solving the most needed requirements first, as well as holding the longtime promises to assure a stable evolution of the Analytics area over time.
  • Participating and driving the transition from Proof of Concept to finished solutions and taking pride in the ownership of solutions in the areas of Quality, Warranty recovery, Technical Service and Traffic Safety.
Who are you?
Since we don’t know you yet, we might not have everything right about who we think you are and what you bring with you. If we were to guess, you are a person with a passion for Analytics and Data Science, with previous experiences working in Agile set ups. We also believe you enjoy identifying opportunities from theory and translating them into attractive Analytics/Advanced Analytics solutions. We would expect you to be curious and interested in evolving Analytics within Quality & Customer Satisfaction.

What we do know about you for sure, is that you need to be a team player with eagerness to try and develop through collaboration, co-operation, and sharing insights, solutions, and ideas. You are also comfortable working closely with a local team, while directly reporting to a global leader.

Position Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science or related field
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience
    • Experience in Analytics with time spent on driving and implementing Analytics insights, preferably in a global environment
  • Proven ability to create PoCs of Advanced Analytics solutions
  • Experience working with relevant technical tools, platforms and systems such as Azure Analytics Cloud, Python, SQL, DataBricks, KNIME, Jupiter Notebook, Power BI and DAX etc.
  • Experience maneuvering ETLs; modelling how to select options for Machine Learning models.

Preferred qualifications (or willingness to learn!)
  • ML in more specific terms: Clustering, Pattern Recognition, NLP, and Decision trees
  • Efficient Data Cleaning techniques
  • Experience with product development within a product organization and/or worked with Product Quality, technical services, or recovery and warranty

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