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Position Description

The content of the role can be shortly described as:

This position is in the Vehicle Geometrical Architecture (VGA) Team under Vehicle Strategy & Integration Department in GTT-VE BLR

The Routing Architect (Position: Geometrical Architect) takes the lead in cross commodity geometrical activities to fulfil the project QDCF requirements. Routing Architect brings complete vehicle knowledge, Domain knowledge in Flexible routing media design and validation and we deliver optimized and communalized architecture by balancing customer needs while protecting brand distinction.

Routing Architect is leader for all media routing in a project for vehicle packaging, taking care of the interfaces between all vehicle modules. This job is closely connected to strategies, technology, manufacturing development and product /project planning and has more engagement over time than just project time.
  • Routing Architect has an area responsibility for all Media Routings for a given project.
  • Routing Architect owns the Mock-up Assembly Agreement process within VE and implements the same in project responsibilities
  • Routing Architect leads the cross functional work through the Geometrical Architecture Meeting (GAM) or a dedicated Routing Architecture Meeting.
  • Routing Architect involves the people that can/should contribute.
  • Routing Architect delivers the secured flexible geometries and interfaces a within the time frame.

  • Has the responsibility to anchor with the Project Management Team / Chief Project Manager through PM-Engineering the decision if Routing MAA process shall be used or not in the project and to which extent (based on risk management)
  • Has the responsibility to lead the Routing MAA process implementation in the project
  • Has the responsibility to create and keep up to date the Routing MAA List
  • Has the responsibility to document risk assessment linked to routing activities in project risk register
  • Has the responsibility to collect the pre-requisite and requirements from each stake holder.
  • Has the responsibility to provide and maintain DMU scenarios to the team. The DMU scenario scope is to be decided per project based on risk management.
  • Has the responsibility to freeze the MAA DMU scenarios.
  • Has the responsibility to report to the project team (PI, issues…) and to inform downstream about project decisions on routing
  • Set up the cross functional packaging organization and Packaging/Routing Issue Log (PIL)
  • Propose solutions for complete offer scenario / packaging.
  • Analyse and propose common solutions that can support all brands to minimize part numbers and maximize common parts.
  • Give input regarding geometrical matters to stakeholders (Global Manufacturing (GM), Aftermarket (AM) and commodities (ex. Cab, Chassis, Electrical, Powertrain), from a complete vehicle perspective.
  • Build Flexible geometry verification plan (virtual builds, physical builds B/C, DMU structure)
  • Show progress (by PIL) and status for all geometry related activities
  • Identify A-interface impacts and balance project geometrical requirements with platform requirements according to A-interface process, in collaboration with the area leader.
  • Drive Digital Mock up (DMU structure) deliveries according to DMU logic.

The Routing Architect (Position : Geometrical Architect) has the authority to take all necessary decisions in order to fulfil the responsibilities:
  • Has the authority to give his/her agreement for each Routing MAA
  • Has authority to define the focus areas
  • Has authority to balance technical solutions in case no agreement is found in the team as far as within the frame of QDCF given by Project Management Team

Competence & Personal characteristics:
  • Ownership/Accountability
  • Assertive communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Structured and analytical
  • Solution oriented
  • Problem-Solving/Decision-Making
  • Flexibility
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Leadership

Key skills:
  • Team Oriented
  • Ability to collaborate
  • Product data management
  • Product knowledge
  • CAB/ Vehicle geometry architecture
  • System Engineering and Requirement management
  • Vehicle Regulations and Compliance (basic)

Position requirements:
  • BE / B-Tech (Mechanical / Automotive)
  • Must have around 2 to 4 year relevant industry experience
  • Creo Parametric, IPS (Optional), Catia, Saber (Optional)
  • Domain Knowledge in Cabling & Piping Design Basics
  • Domain Knowledge in Truck Level module aggregates and KOLA Logic

This position is in the Vehicle Geometrical Architecture (VGA) Team under Vehicle Strategy & Integration Department in GTT-VE BLR

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