Product Quality Leader

Customer Satisfaction is in our DNA. We love our products and we love our customers, so we work hard to provide the best products to the best customers.

Are you passionate for customer satisfaction and product improvement? Do you enjoy challenges and want to give the next step in your career working in global teams, close to customers, markets, different businesses and also Product Development? If yes, we offer you the opportunity to join our team in Gothenburg, Sweden as Product Quality Leader (PQL) for heavy duty Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems (EATS).

Quality is a core value of the Volvo Group and a prerequisite for Customer Satisfaction. As a Product Quality Leader, you will hold a strategic and important role, as our teams have the overall responsibility for initiating all short term quality improvements and influencing long term projects to deliver the right quality level.

Main Responsibilities:

The mission for a PQL is to be part of the team managing our product improvements and you will lead the work within the issue detection and pre-study areas. You will use several different sources of information to identify which are the issues that are affecting our customers the most and you will help to prioritize them, perform pre-investigations and secure that appropriate corrective actions are taken together with the Product Owners.

As a PQL you will ensure communication on product quality and customer satisfaction within Volvo GTT and to all our stakeholders. We work in a dynamic environment and we meet a lot of different functions and departments in a frequent basis. You will be part of a result-oriented team of highly motivated colleagues that wants to make a difference for the end customer and achieves this by promptly addressing and resolving customer issues.


Experience - Education:
BSc. in Engineering.

Experience - Work:
7+ years of automotive industry experience.
General experience in working with technology.
Quality related work experience (six sigma, FMEA, 5W2H, Ishikawa, Pareto, 5 Whys, Histogram, etc.).
Experience in Data Analytics.
Experience in working in projects and project management.
Proven record of excellent communication and presentation skills, strong English skills.

Fully proficient within Advanced Data Analytic and Diagnostics: Analytic abilities, Data insight, Statistics and applied mathematics, Data Visualization and Storytelling (Power BI, ClickView, Collect and Export Data, FQA, KOLA, EDB, VDB, BO, Weibull), Diagnostic ability (LVD, DTC).
Basic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Fully proficient within Problem Solving Methodologies such as Design Thinking, 5W2H, Root Cause analysis, A3 Methodology, etc.

Technical skills:
Mostly effective in General product knowledge, Disruptive technology and in Product & Systems Diagnostics.
Fully proficient in system/application knowledge within the areas of responsibility (EATS).
Fully proficient in relevant Volvo processes: Such as DVP, SCQI; QSP, QJ, PMR, QAG, etc.
Fully proficient in Customer and Market Knowledge: Report handling (QRS) - Receive/Answer/Address, Market. and application understanding within the areas of responsibility.
Fully proficient in Systems knowledge: QRS, KOLA, IMPACT, ARGUS, QRAFT, FQA, EDB, VDB, Weibull.

Communicates effectively.
Build effective.
Customer Focus.
Demonstrate Self- Awareness.
Manage Complexity & Ambiguity.
Collaborate with others.
Decision Quality.

Personal Attributes:
You know how to communicate and present ideas, projects and customer needs. You know how to bring facts from data. You have a “can do” mindset and interest to learn. Although you are a very competent individual and can handle things yourself, you are a team player and believes that teamwork builds amazing results.


If you have an open mindset to innovative ways of working and want to make the difference for our customers, we can offer you an interesting position in an exciting environment. Welcome with your application today.

For more information please contact:
Andreas Beber, Manager Product Quality PWT and Emob, +46 0765536849

Kindly note that due to GDPR, we will not accept applications via mail. Please use our career site.

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