Talent Acquisition Lead

Talent Acquisition Lead

The Lead will own and contribute to the hiring strategies that increase the volume of leads for their client teams. They monitor external talent pipelines and the respective teams members and trends using this data to engage client leads and/or business teams to have productive discussions about sourcing opportunities and hiring process improvements. They may own one or more recruiting programs or collaborating with client teams, to improve candidate engagement.
The Lead will drive positive candidate experiences by influencing client teams to follow sourcing best practices, such as effective job descriptions, candidate outreach, and clear value propositions, and providing excellent experiences directly to the candidate. In conjunction with their sourcing and respective recruitment members, they educate hiring managers and interviewers on sourcing and assessment methodologies, improving their hiring effectiveness and metrics.

The Lead will improve consistency of documentation, data integrity, and operational excellence. They deliver reporting, and/or are able to present to stakeholders on candidate slates, competitor intelligence and analysis. They plan effectively and set expectations with client teams and stakeholders.

Provide Knowledge and expertise in talent acquisition including recruitment marketing, candidate attraction and selection, recruitment techniques, assessments and university relations, includes work across multiple areas of staffing/recruitment including:

  • Talent evaluation and screening((e.g, analyzing resumes for relevant skills, knowledge, and qualifications, conducting screening interviews, assisting managers with interviews, testing/ranking candidates, checking references and providing feedback to non-selected candidates)
  • Job advertising and posting(e.g, developing job descriptions, posting on internal and external sites, providing specifications for outside recruiting agencies, etc)
  • Talent prospecting(representing the organization at employment fairs, participating in campus recruiting activities, building sourcing pipeline/networks for talent pools)
  • Talent staffing and planning((e.g, forecasting future hiring needs, aligning hiring strategy to longer term workforce plans, analyzing market trends that impact labour supply and demand, etc)

Lead level is a recognized subject matter expert in talent acquisition, obtained through education, certification and experience.
  • Responsibilities include, managing large recruitment projects without much supervision of manager,
  • Coaching, interviewing, delegating work to lower-level professionals.
  • Supervising timely completion of work by his/her team members.
  • Making hiring plans, working with business leaders and project managers to fulfill the recruitment assignments.
  • Problems faced are difficult and often complex.

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