Thesis: Interactive-Collaborative Education Platform

Suitable background
Human resources, People development
Description of thesis work
Intention is to explore different approaches to replace traditional education and training platform by an interactive and collaborative way increasing the connection among sites to serve as basis to further develop an app to be used with smartphone, for example. Some attributes are desirable: a) Mapp the user knowledge level by subject (0-Begginer, 1-Advanced, 2-Competent, 3- Proficient and 4-Expert); b) Position user knowledge in comparison to department, site, Powertrain and Volvo; c) Identify, connect and interact to Experts; d) Suggest recycling on subjects where lack of knowledge is present; e) Indicate a general level of knowledge; f) Suggest recycling training periodically; g) Evaluate and recognize knowledge acquired; h) Suggest collaborative learning for some subjects. Output intended is to have content, way of working and questionnaries available concerning Professional Maintenance initially (tryout, app development will be done further).
Thesis Level: Master
Starting date:
Spring 2024
Number of students:
Anderson Leal, ind.PhD-student,

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