Battery Form Factor Optimization

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Volvo Construction Equipment, a business area within the Volvo Group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction equipment such as wheel loaders, excavators, articulated haulers, road development equipment and compact equipment. Facilities are located in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. Please read more about us at our homepage.


The objective of this master thesis proposal is to address the aspect of battery design for construction machinery. Specifically, this research aims to design the optimal battery form factor to maximize the efficiency and performance of electric construction machines. Achieving this goal will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and the overall sustainability of the construction industry. The primary objectives of this research are as follows:
  • Conduct a literature review to understand the current state of battery technology and its application in construction machinery.
  • Analyse the specific requirements and constraints of construction equipment, including excavators, wheel loaders, haulers, and other categories. Collect data on power demand, duty cycles, environmental conditions, and operational scenarios for various product sizes and categories.
  • Propose and optimize various battery form factors through computer-aided design (CAD) simulations and analysis. Different optimization methods will be employed to generate CAD models tailored to the specific needs of different product categories. Investigate and define performance steps for different battery form factors, considering the requirements identified in the analysis phase.
  • Provide recommendations and guidelines for the adoption of optimal battery form factors for different product categories based on the investigation of performance steps and comprehensive analysis and optimization.

We are looking for a team of two students with knowledge and interest of electromobility. You are curios, open-minded and are interested in collaborating with people with another background than yourself. During the master thesis you are mainly located at our plant in Eskilstuna. The recruitment process is ongoing, the positions can be filled before the application time has expired.
Suitable Background: Mechanical/Design Engineering with knowledge in CAD and numeric optimization.
Thesis Level: Master
Language: English
Starting Date: Early 2024
Number of Students: 2
For further information, please contact:
Karl Uebel
Global Electromobility System Architect
Driveline & Electromobility Systems
T. +46 16 541 8854

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