Collaboration is key

Collaboration and Partnerships

These are exciting times! Technologies of all sorts develop at a faster pace than ever before. Combined in new ways they offer fresh and innovative solutions in almost all industries. Keeping up with the latest development is vital to stay successful, and impossible to do on your own and that is why the Volvo Group works in collaborations and partnerships.

Based on emerging technologies and the latest findings within connectivity, automation and electrification, we see great opportunities to co-create a more sustainable transport system and to make societies prosper.

This is why we are forming a new ecosystem, including all types of stakeholders in different types of collaborations and partnerships. 

Where do you fit in?


Technology and Services Initiatives 

Uptime is everything. It doesn’t matter if you own one single truck or a fleet of trucks, if you are a public transport provider or a coach owner, a construction entrepreneur or a quarry owner; your performance is depending on reliable products and services that meet the needs of your business. The Volvo Group has a long heritage of developing smart solutions to boost your performance. Within our Technology and Services arenas we combine our own expert resources with external parties in wholly owned as well as more occasional initiatives.


Volvo Group Initiatives


Partnership Initiatives

Academic Partnerships

The Volvo Group strives to be the most admired employer in the industry. We have a long relationship with leading universities all over the globe to connect Volvo Group expertise with global academic research and innovation environments in critical technology areas. The academic partner programs are also important to attract key employees along with a range of student and graduate programs.

Sustainability Collaborations

The Volvo Group is the only automotive manufacturer to be a member of WWF´s Climate Savers program. We also work actively to reduce waste, landfill and emissions from our plants. In addition, we have committed to have a truly sustainable transport system within our operations by 2025. This, in combination with the expected environmental benefits of electrified, autonomous and connected products make us proud to say that care for the environment is at heart in everything we do.

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