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The decisions we make today will determine the world in which we will live tomorrow. As a result, we invite customers, startups, suppliers, academics, and government agencies to work with Volvo Group to develop future transportation and infrastructure solutions. Collaboration and diversity are critical in a rapidly changing technological landscape and global economy to boost speed and tackle societal concerns.

Apply to our startup accelerator program CampX and gain Volvo as a client, get entry point to Volvo Group experts and experience Speed & simplicity in the way we work together.

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We believe that automation will redefine the commercial transport solutions that most of us rely on every day. Automation will create real-life benefits for both our customers and the society in terms of productivity, safety, energy and fuel efficiency.

Since the ideal automation level is determined by its added value for customers and society, Volvo Group will introduce automated applications gradually over time.

Challenges in Automation

- Sensor technologies and software solutions that enable the operation of autonomous solutions across multiple ODDs, weather & visibility conditions. 

- Solutions and technologies that enable high integrity positioning and reliable HD maps that update dynamically.

-Solutions to improve latency and use experience in Teleoperations

- Data infrastructure & Software solutions that enable high-fidelity simulation that learn from real-world data.

 - Solutions that enhance safety assurance by improving coverage & protecting data privacy

- Machine Learning /AI methods & solutions to drive the quality, efficiency & performance of autonomous systems.

- Solutions for in vehicle intrusion detection & in development vulnerability scanning 

- Software components & Solutions to enable a software-driven vehicle architecture


Electromobility is changing the automotive world. Imagine indoor bus stops at hospitals or shopping malls, or night-time deliveries being made by silent distribution trucks. At Volvo Group, we are taking the knowledge from building vehicles and automotive systems, and creating new technology that will not only make our roads and cities less noisy and polluted, but also change the world of construction forever.

Challenges in Electromobility 

Need a way to create reliable digital twins for components and various driving environments which will in turn enable accurate simulations and testing. It can be for electrical energy storage systems, motor drive systems, or charging solutions.

- Technologies & solutions to enable cost-efficient in-vehicle storage of hydrogen.

- Solutions for production, distribution, and dispense of green hydrogen

- Solutions for efficient thermal management of fuel cell-powered vehicles

- Edge & cloud solutions to optimize energy management on electric vehicles

- Edge & cloud solutions to enable a proactive & predictive vehicle maintenance


Volvo Group has the industry’s broadest customer offering of connectivity solutions for trucks, buses and construction equipment. With more than 1 000 000 connected customer assets, we have the largest number of connected commercial vehicles and machines in the industry. Connectivity is essential to our goals of increasing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact, as well as making our roads safer.

Challenges in Connectivity

We are continuously digitizing our future solutions and one key goal we have is to create a really good integration platform enabling our third-party partners to integrate their solutions into our systems both on-board and off-board and by that be able to offer our joint customers more services and solutions. However, the truck is only one part of what we call a “complete vehicle” . Depending on the segment the complete Vehicle consists of a truck plus bodybuilders, trailers, equipment providers, etc. these systems together creates a complete vehicle that our customer use to perform their transport mission. Many of these additional systems/products are not as digitized and digitalized as our trucks are today and they also have long development and lifecycle leading to a large installed base of older vehicles which are much less digitalized than the products we sell today. This lack of digitalization is one of the main reasons for the transport industry inefficiencies today.

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