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CampX in Gothenburg

This is our main hub, which was opened in 2019. Here we gather almost 1000 experts within electromobility and automation to develop sustainable transport solutions in open innovation ecosystem, together with external partners and startups. CampX Gothenburg is located in Campus Lundby, in a heart of Volvo Grouporganizations.

The building has a historical value and between 1950-1980 it served as an assembly line for trucks and buses. In the beginning of 1950s, it was the largest facility in Gothenburg. Collaboration, speed and simplicity are the core ingredients of CampX way of working. One of the most important factors for technology development is testing and that is why at CampX we have many labs and testing facilities where we can build prototypes and simulate our solutions in the house such as electromobility vehicles lab, battery labs, virtual reality labs.

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Our Team in Gothenburg

Christian Johansson
Head of CampX concept and operations

Robert Jan Van Vugt
Senior Innovation Manager

Helene Niklasson
VP Innovation Ecosystems and Partnerships and Head of CampX

Karin Flack
Senior Innovation Manager

Sofia Lundemo
CampX Coordinator

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Latest Press Release