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Connectivity milestone

Handover in Denmark marked the milestone of reaching 1 million connected customer assets

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1 000 000 connected assets

The Volvo Group leads the way in connectivity. Connectivity opens up for new services and solutions within Safety, Sustainability and Efficiency.


What is connectivity?

Connectivity refers to connected assets and new improved services and features. For the Volvo Group, connectivity is all about the possibilities to create even better transport solutions, today and in the future.


What are the advantages of connectivity?

By providing our customers with information and knowledge, we empower them. A truck that chooses the most energy-efficient way to climb a hill based on data from other trucks, or vehicles that warn each other of potential dangers down the road, are two practical examples of what connectivity can be used for. Looking further into the future, connectivity is an enabler for automated vehicles and support efficient electromobility solutions.

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