How can I contribute

The Volvo Group actively and continuously seeks new talents and innovative collaborations all around the globe. We appreciate all fans of our great brand and all efforts made to contribute to our business. However, please note that the Volvo Group cannot accept or handle any concepts, ideas or inventions sent to the Volvo Group by external parties, unless such submissions are made through already established channels or they have been agreed on beforehand. Spontaneous submissions of any proposals, drawings or conceptual ideas will be considered public information.


If you have an idea or concept that you think would be perfect for the Volvo Group, there are many opportunities to explore:


  • Perhaps your idea could fit in one of our Innovation Labs. Read more about them at Innovation Labs.
  • If you are a student, check out our many Opportunities for students.
  • If you are a private person interested in contributing your ideas to the Volvo Group, please Join our teams.
  • If you sell components or services, read more about how to Become a Volvo Group supplier.
  • If you are interested to know more about Volvo’s Academic Partner Program or other collaborations, visit our Collaboration page to learn more.

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