Smart cities – infrastructure and transport of the future

Innovation Summit

Innovations within transport will reshape the cities of tomorrow. Automated driving, electromobility and connected vehicles will allow for quieter, cleaner and safer megacities to grow and prosper.

We are witnessing the beginning of a paradigm shift in transport and mobility that will revolutionise how our societies are organized. 


Volvo Group Innovation Summit

The Volvo Group Innovation Summits is a series of similar summits held in London, Brussels and Beijing during 2017, and in Berlin September 2018. They are designed to further the debate and introduce new thinking on prominent current issues, including air quality and pollution, congestion, health & road safety. The summits also included demonstrations of some of Volvo Group’s latest, innovations in research & development for example the electric hybrid bus, the autonomous refuse truck and the self-driving truck, driving autonomously from one hub to another.

News around the world

Volvo Group Innovation Summit London

In London, the Volvo Group Innovation Summit was focusing on “Smart Cities – infrastructure and transport of the future”.

Volvo Group Innovation Summit Beijing

In Beijing smart societies of the future and a self-driving truck, driving autonomously from one hub to another was in focus.

Volvo Group Innovation Summit Brussels

In Bryssels, leaders in the transport sector talked about the industry’s rapidly digitizing future and how the industry can positively impact society.

Volvo Group Innovation Summit Berlin

In Berlin Volvo Group presented, Vera, a system in which autonomous electric vehicles are coordinated to ensure as efficient, and safe goods transport as possible, as well as a new electric compact wheel loader concept.

Voices on Innovation Summit

Martin Lundstedt

Kurt Sigle

Udo Kuhn

Lars Stenqvist

Gerhard Novak

Sebastian Schumann

Thomas Bitter

Kristian Holth

Per Thoressen


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