Eckhard Cordes

Member of the Board, elected in April 2015.

Born: 1950.

Independence: Independent in relation to the company and management as well as in relation to the company’s major shareholders.

Holdings in Volvo, own and related parties as per February 25, 2021: None.

Other current assignments: Chairman of the Board in Bilfinger SE. Member of the Executive Committee of Eastern European Economic Relations of German Industry. Partner in Cevian Capital and EMERAN Capital Partners.

Principal work experience: Started with Daimler Benz AG, where he has held several management positions, such as Head of the trucks and buses business, Head of Group Controlling, Corporate Development and M&A in AEG AG and CEO of Mercedes Car Group. Previously CEO of Metro AG, senior advisor at EQT and Board member of Air Berlin, SKF, Carl Zeiss and Rheinmetall AG. Since 2012 partner in Cevian Capital and EMERAM Capital Partners respectively.

Education: MBA and PhD, University of Hamburg.

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