Safety Culture in print – the Volvo Group Magazine

Safety is one of the core values of Volvo. It can be traced back to the founders of Volvo, who said, “Since vehicles are driven by people, the basic principle behind all design work is and always must be safety”. I believe Volvo Group has nurtured and developed this important heritage very well over the decades, and pioneered many important safety innovations as a result.
Safety Culture in print – the Volvo Group Magazine

Successfully mastering the opportunities in technology will be critical in addressing the global sustainability challenges. Still, improving road safety, in high and low-income countries alike, is about more than technology. It is about behavior. Not just the behavior of road users, mind you, but the behavior of organizations and of corporate leaders as well.

According to estimates of the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), 40% of road fatalities in Europe are work related. And according the Swedish work environment authority, one in four fatalities at work in Sweden between 2008 and 2017 were due to road crashes.

Volvo Group is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the world and we are present in more than 190 markets. So, we have an important part to play – not just to provide technology, but to demonstrate global corporate leadership in inspiring positive change.

Someone I forget the name of intelligently concluded: “it is not the driver who drives the truck, it is the CEO of the trucking company.” In other words, the corporate culture is determined at the top. As a global company, we can play a part in creating a much-needed mindset shift in how companies could and should act to make road safety an imperative in all parts of their supply chain. Doing so will, as the data mentioned earlier shows, address a significant portion of the road safety problem.

This roundabout way finally leads me to my point – it is important for us to keep focus internally on our long-standing values and consistently reinforce a safety mindset. The most recent edition of our internal corporate magazine is devoted entirely to safety and I am delighted to see our CEO well aware of the global situation and making it very clear that safety must remain our top priority.

But, most importantly, I think it is a good read, so I take the liberty of sharing it with you. I hope you find it interesting!  Read the full magazine here >>

Peter Kronberg
Safety Director, Volvo Group
June 28, 2019

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