Volvo Group’s mission is to drive prosperity through transport solutions

Volvo Group’s mission is to drive prosperity through transport solutions

I really like how we phrase our mission.

Using this type of wording means we believe there is a strong link between an efficient and well-functioning transport system and the growth and development of a region’s economy, and as a result, the improved social conditions of those living there. In many ways transportation is the engine that powers a society and enables its development.

I like how “driving prosperity” indicates a bigger purpose, and inevitably, how it puts our business of commercial vehicles right in the middle of a many of the important current global challenges. No escaping responsibility. And that is of course the idea, being part of the solution is the key to success – for us and for society. Ultimately, there can be no prosperity without a sustainable transport system, at least not without jeopardizing our future.

And, I believe road safety is one of the most important components of sustainable transports.

Sometimes we take safety for granted because of the improvements seen in the developed world in recent decades. But road safety remains a big global concern. So big, in fact, that poor road safety is a major obstacle of a region’s development, and for building prosperity.

So, I am glad to see the international community has recognized the importance of road safety, both as health issue and as part of the future urban agenda, and set ambitious targets in the global sustainable development goals.

So, what does safety mean to Volvo Group?

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial transport solutions Volvo Group has an important role to play in driving safety in all our segments, at sea, off-road, on-road and in the city.

And there is a strong social and financial case for providing the market with the safest and most reliable solutions – something that will become even more important as urbanization and transportation continues to grow, and as we transition into a more connected and automated transport system.

The Volvo Group’s vision for safety is Zero Accidents. It is ambitious for sure, but really the only viable goal, because every accident has an impact.

Reaching zero means working systematically in close collaboration with other stakeholders to accelerate progress in all dimensions, in order to achieve a safe system for all road users. It also means that we must work proactively and develop intelligent solutions that not only mitigate the consequences of accidents, but strive/try to avoid them altogether.

Our work always starts by understanding the real-life conditions under which our vehicles and machines operate, and by gaining an in-depth understanding of the causes and effects of accidents involving our products.

Over the years our accident researchers have amassed great amounts of know-how about why, how, and what types of accidents that occur. This knowledge directly influences the development of new products and services. It is this evidence-based approach that ensures that we have the right priorities and continue to take steps that create real safety benefits.

The issues facing us ahead is a challenging mix of conventional concerns and new issues introduced by a changing transport system and fast paced urbanization.

These will require global advocacy for the continued implementation of basic safety measures, and innovation that takes full advantage of the benefits offered by modern safety technology.

Volvo Group is committed to be involved on all levels in driving the implementation of a sustainable road transport system characterized by safe, connected, automated and electrified vehicles.

Safety is a big part of our legacy, and a just as important part of our future. A safer future. 

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