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Volvo Group Connected Solutions is the unit that leads the development of the Volvo Group’s connected services and solutions. New ways of working will unleash innovation power and shorten time to market.
Anna Westerberg

The Volvo Group currently has a valuable asset in some 900,000 connected trucks, buses and construction machines. The number is increasing every day and is expected to reach over 1 million by 2020.

“To stay competitive, we need to make the best use of, and continue to develop, our own capabilities as well as make effective use of partners,” says Anna Westerberg, Senior Vice President Connected Solutions.

“The data generated by the connectivity of our vehicles and machines provide valuable insights how our products are being used. We are already using this data for uptime-related services and fleet management solutions for our customers. However, there is so much more we can do by applying analytics and become a more data driven company.”

What more can we develop and offer?
“Key areas for our customers are – and will continue to be – productivity, uptime, fuel efficiency and safety. Through software-based services and solutions, we can deliver these values in new ways, more adapted to customers’ business needs in different segments and markets. Helping our customers to optimise their productivity and efficiency will become even more important in the future, as the truck or machine is one part in a much bigger logistics system.”

What is the ambition?
“Leveraging the data and combining it with other external data sources is a powerful way for us to take service innovation and development to the next level. The ambition is to position the Volvo Group as the leader in connected solutions for our targeted segments within commercial vehicles.”

Is new competence needed to succeed?
“Software competence is not only relevant for our development teams, we also need to add experience in creating new business based on software technology so that we take advantage of the new opportunities that comes with digitalisation and working close with our customers. The positioning of the Volvo Group as an innovative company, the tasks and the way of working are all very important areas to attract top talents for software development.”

Volvo Group Connected Solutions

  • Started April 2017.
  • Built upon existing Volvo Group Venture Capital and Volvo Group Telematics, currently some 600 employees and consultants.
  • Focus on service innovation, development, delivery and operation to better support customers.
  • Strengthen competitive position for the Volvo Group.
  • Governed by internal board consisting of key stakeholders.

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