Carin Larsson, Chief UX Designer Volvo Trucks

Volvo Group is a global company with many multiple brands and a wide range of products like trucks, buses and construction equipment. The longer I work here, the more proud I am of the Volvo core values: Safety, Environmental Care and Quality all make a real difference to society and people’s lives and it’s very motivating to be part of that.
Carin Larsson, Chief UX Designer Volvo Trucks

I graduated from Umeå Institute of Design with a Masters in Interaction Design. I started working at Volvo in 2006. My responsibility here is to guide and inspire the UX Team to deliver Volvo Design solutions that bring value to our users. This team contributes to delivering a harmonious interior, across a variety of applications, but also between different Volvo touch points – to simplify usage for our users. We care about all the tiny details we deliver – but not without understanding the big picture.

Great variety
Since joining the Volvo Group, I’ve felt like I’m exactly where I want to be. As a designer, I find my work fulfilling and exciting and I have great colleagues with whom I really enjoy working.

I’m mainly responsible for UX Product Design for the Volvo Trucks brand but I’m also involved in projects for Volvo Bus and Volvo Penta, so I work on features for trucks, buses and boats. With such a wide range of products – not to mention a huge variety of users – it’s safe to say the work never gets boring. What I like most about my job is the opportunity really to impact our products.


It’s a pleasure to work with all these talented people towards a common goal.

Here at Volvo Trucks, collaboration is key – both internally in the design department between the different specialties (such as Interior, Exterior, UX, Color&Trim and so on) but also between departments.  We work cross functionally to deliver the interaction; designers sit next to the coders, specification and test people – we all work together, helping to shape the project from start to finish.

These are exciting times in the automotive industry, with the rise of connectivity, electro-mobility and autonomous driving. As UX Designers, we get to work on some of the Volvo Group’s most groundbreaking technologies – from safety and navigation features, to logistics systems and even entertainment. Every new project is a challenge, because we’re constantly trying to make the features cleaner, simpler and better for the user.

I’m exactly where I want to be

Last but not least, I feel privileged to work for a company that values diversity. Although I live in Sweden, I work in a multicultural environment, speaking English all day, working with people from every corner of the globe. I genuinely believe our diversity adds to our creative and innovative power. But, more than anything, it’s a pleasure to work with all these talented people towards a common goal.

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