Jennie Ericsson, Project Manager, Product Design

I enjoy working as a project manager in a creative environment like the one here in the Volvo Group’s Design Department. Here, I am always surrounded by positive energy. At the same time, my professional expertise is in demand and needed — I play a crucial role in enabling us to deliver on our promises.

I am the Project Manager for the UX team, which applies a project-based approach to its work on larger and smaller projects at the Volvo Group. Our brief includes working on everything from details such as icons and graphical interfaces to ensuring the experience of Volvo’s core values.

And given the rapid pace of change now ongoing in this area in terms of being connected and all of the apps, I feel that what we are doing is important. The fruits of our efforts impact the work environments of hundreds of thousands of drivers around the world on a daily basis. This is a big deal.

I give them a good work environment
Leading creative individuals is not more difficult, but it is different. The Volvo Group is a huge and complex company that requires clear processes if everything is to function, and this includes the Design Department. My role is to ensure that my team has the required resources and that we deliver on our promises. I need to remind the team that if we keep on schedule and within budgets, we will be given a looser rein and more time for creativity.

Contacts are the key
A key part of my work is ensuring that my team and I have the right contact net. Many different types of professionals are needed to develop a truck or a bus, and if the product is to function well as a whole, we have to work together. It is important to continuously check and gain others support if one is to ensure projects progress as smoothly as possible. This might not always be the easiest to accomplish but I find this a rewarding part of my job.

Creative designers give me energy and I give them structure.

Positive environment
Here we believe that everyone is doing their job and doing it well. I believe that this permissive approach generates an energizing, friendly and helpful environment. This increases creativity and the willingness to contribute. Our team’s Chief Designer is also excellent at giving positive feedback, which she does often.

Diversity on a daily basis
Our team is comprised of many nationalities and, essentially, all work is carried out in English. We also possess a broad spectrum of experience and qualities. I am convinced that our differences boost creativity. For the Volvo Group, which is a large, global company, diversity is a given prerequisite.