Trust is one of our values and it means a lot to me

Meet Christoffer Mårtensson, one of our graduaters now working for Volvo Bus Corporation.
Christoffer Mårtensson

What is your current position at the Volvo Group? What are your daily tasks?

I have recently started a new position as a Global Supply Chain Development Manager. I focus on developing and supporting our inbound logistics process. In brief, it means that I work globally with reducing the transportation cost for the material from our suppliers to our factories, reducing the lead time for the very same transport and making sure that there are no obstacles to bringing the material to our factories.  

Why did you choose the Volvo Group International Graduate Programme? 

First of all, I really wanted to join Volvo Group, a company I knew makes a difference with innovative transport solutions. I choose to apply for the programme itself because I had heard so many positive things about it and I knew it could be a great start to an exciting career.

How would you describe your career with the Volvo Group so far? (Different companies, locations, positions, projects, networks…?).

During my one year as a trainee I have travelled the world many times, which was something I had only dreamed about before. I was in Canada several times but also Japan, Poland and the US. I also did rotations within Volvo Buses that were really beneficial for my current position within the supply chain. I did a shorter rotation within our purchasing organization, a summer at one of our sales regions and the best part: a short term assignment of three months in Montreal at one of our factories.

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer, what qualities would you emphasize? 

Be humble and open-minded towards people and cultures. Throw away all your prejudices. Furthermore, allow yourself to be transparent and trust other people. Trust is one of our values, and it means a lot to me.

Could you please describe your best experience of being part of the Volvo Group International Graduate Programme? 

Seeing Lost in Translation with Bill Murray before our trip to Tokyo and then realizing that you are really lost in translation a few days later, not being able to sleep. It might sound strange, but to me it provided a sense of being alive. But maybe the best experience was the feeling of what my friends and I had accomplished during our first common week in Sweden. An intensive week, with so many memories and emotions that you cannot explain, you had to be there in the very moment.

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?

My goal is to ensure that I continue to develop myself each and every day, especially my strong sides. At the same time, be much more aware of my weaker sides. Furthermore, I hope to be able to keep in contact with my friends from the VGIGP year and meet them every now and then. 

My colleagues would never have guessed... I had only eaten Sushi once or twice before Japan… But now I loooove it.

Name: Christoffer Mårtensson
Function/organizational belonging: Global Manufacturing, Volvo Bus Corporation
Position: Global Supply Chain Development Manager
Site/location: Gothenburg