Sebastian Franco

Sebastian Franco wants to work for a company that is developing and changing. This is why he applied to the Volvo Group’s International Graduate Program. “There are a lot of technical innovations being introduced at the moment. Things are moving very quickly and I’m really happy to be a part of it,” he says.
Sebastian Franco

Sebastian Franco’s previous experience of the Volvo Group was a summer job he had for a few years in various departments at Volvo Trucks.

“It made me realise how exciting and enjoyable it was to work for the Volvo Group. Electric drivelines and wireless technology are just two examples of the latest innovations. By developing transport systems the group plays a very important role and brings a lot of benefits for society. A great deal is happening at Volvo at the moment and combined with the fact that it’s Sweden’s largest company, this makes things really interesting,” he explains.

Sebastian studied economics and has a degree in business administration from Uppsala University.

The Volvo Group’s International Graduate Program was the obvious next step in his career and a few months ago, he began working for the group’s IT business unit. He has a busy year ahead of him with his job, meetings all over the world with the other members of the program and his own project. He will also spend three months working in Greensboro in the USA, where the group has IT and truck development business units.

“A lot of exciting things are happening at once. It’s just a pity that I only have eight months left,” he says.

His job in the group’s IT business unit involves marketing and developing different apps for customers, primarily customers of Volvo Trucks. It’s an interesting job with a lot of potential.

“The industry is undergoing radical changes and the graduate program has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. To a large extent I can decide for myself what I do. At the moment, for example, I’m working at the group’s headquarters on branding issues. It’s interesting and I’m learning a lot and building a really useful network of contacts,” says Sebastian.

When his year on the graduate program is over, he will have a permanent job in the Volvo Group. He’s really looking forward to it.

“I can’t wait! Almost anything could happen,” he says.