I would emphasize all the amazing people working at the Volvo Group

Meet Taraneh Vosough, now working as Global Volvo Production System Development Manager at Volvo Bus Corporation.
Taraneh Vosough

What is your current position at the Volvo Group? What are your daily tasks?

I currently work globally with VPS (Volvo Production System), which is the lean framework at the Volvo Group. I visit plants and support them in their lean journey, particularly in strategy deployment – breaking down targets and making sure that these drive positive results. I am also working with the implementation of cost deployment at VBC.

Why did you choose the Volvo Group International Graduate Programme? 

I saw an opportunity to be exposed to the Volvo Group globally, learning from different business units and colleagues all around the world. The position I was assigned to at VBC was very interesting as well, and most importantly, I felt great leadership from my managers from the very first interview. Lastly, personal and team development are key focus areas to me, which was a big portion of the graduate programme.

How would you describe your career with the Volvo Group so far? (Different companies, locations, positions, projects, networks…?).

I have had the privilege to visit several Volvo Group sites, such as Nova Bus and Prevost in USA and Canada, Volvo Buses in Poland and Mexico, GTO in USA as well as UD Trucks in Japan. I spent 3 months on a short term assignment in Montréal and I am in daily contact with colleagues all around the globe. I have had great support from my managers and colleagues from day 1, gone through different training courses and been exposed to many new learning opportunities on a continuous basis. 

If you were to recommend Volvo Group as an employer, what qualities would you emphasize? 

I would emphasize all the amazing people working at the Volvo Group. There is tremendous expertise and experience within the group, a great culture and many different possibilities to do what you love. All you need to do is to explore your passion areas and thrive on them, there are endless opportunities!

Could you please describe your best experience from being part of the Volvo Group International Graduate Programme? 

My best experience has been my own personal development, which was possible through the deep trust that we created within our VGIGP group. Listening to other people’s thoughts and experiences and sharing your own story in a safe environment was a very deep and transformational experience.

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?

My plan for the upcoming year is to continue my personal development through the Exploration programme for emerging leaders and continue to work with VPS in operations. I see a bright future within the Volvo Group, with many new areas yet to explore and several development opportunities depending on my own desires and passion areas.

My colleagues would never have guessed... …that I love belly-dancing…and to play basketball. A very odd combo, I know!

Name: Taraneh Vosough
Function/organizational belonging: Volvo Bus Corporation (VBC), Global Manufacturing department
Position: Global Volvo Production System Development Manager
Site/location: Arendal, Gothenburg Sweden