Divya Balasubramanian

A lot of things are happening right now at Volvo Group. The whole company is in a transformation process. This is especially evident here in Gothenburg at the very heart of the company’s operation. Plus you get the pleasures of going from working with the theoretical side to actually experience the results in reality.
Divya Balasubramanian

Openness is part of the DNA

I will never forget my first day at Volvo in Bangalore, because there was a party that day. I immediately felt the strong and open culture. It is very hands on. You learn as you go and you are allowed to make mistakes.

I am a trained engineer, but I have changed to people management, leading a team responsible for application development. Our team is focused on electronics, and is therefore involved in developing stuff that is going to be in vehicles all over the world.

A normal working day I will have a call from UD Trucks in Japan during the morning and Mack Trucks from America in the afternoon. We meet at all levels and I feel confident that our ideas are heard, it is in the DNA of the company culture, there is bottom up, not just top down.

Every day I am involved in building tomorrow and I am expected to influence.

On reality vs. theory

Sure you can be coding at your desk and that is all very theoretical, but all the time you are aware that there is a truck out there with your theories working in reality. That is very rewarding. And for me working in Gothenburg right now, the job is more about testing myself and my abilities. Not specifically engineering. We work with the future, what we want for tomorrow. Every day I am involved in building tomorrow.

Why work here?

I know exactly why you should work at Volvo Group. First of all, the key is that you get to work with world class products in a network that spans all over the world. Second, it is really diversified. There are always exciting challenges, always something new to learn, always new things to do, and it is constantly changing. We are encouraged to be creative, with the products, and the methods. And there is an expectation that you can and should influence.

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