Emma Johansson

When entering a huge company, an immediate reaction can be, “I am going to be a small cog in a giant machine”. Nothing could be further from truth though; here you have a large portion of freedom and surrounded by clever and talented colleagues from the entire world.
Emma Johansson

I am actually not an engineer

This is a great place for anyone who loves to solve real-world problems, especially technical ones, and then you probably think that you need to be an engineer. However, it’s true that you don’t need to be an engineer to be interested in technical challenges.

I completed the Cognitive Science degree at Linköping University and have a background in interaction design, experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, programming, artificial intelligence, statistics, linguistics, philosophy of science and philosophy, etc.

It is no coincidence that much of my time is spent on research and development where my task is to create good interaction between our customers and end-users and the technology we offer.

About perspectives

To do well at Volvo Group it makes things easier if you love fact-based research and development and practical problems to solve. There are genuine products and genuine challenges so you are a little of a doer even if you work with research.

Here, it is everything at once; scientific, complex, physical and practical – like it should be when you work with the interaction between the vehicle and driver. Because in the team I’m in we are dealing with real life issues, stuff that affect the end user.

Short project perspectives are mixed up with long-term horizons, where the results of some projects can be applied directly and others in later stages. Some can be about the appearance of our products and services in 30 years’ time while others are focused on how the next product will work and what it will look like in the market.

You bring in your own ideas and get the chance to realize them.

About the international touch

Volvo Group is a family that comprises approximately 95,000 persons. This means many nationalities, which is fabulous. Many of my immediate colleagues are from Sweden, but also from the US, France, India, China, Iran, Germany and many other parts of the world.

We usually have international cooperation in our research projects – you can’t be successful if you stay inside your walls wondering what the next step should be. It is so essential to have a broad network and knowledge of what is happening outside Volvo. You get all this quickly here.

Put your ideas into practice

What I like most after my years with the company is the amount of freedom you get. It is also relatively easy to get someone to listen to your ideas. If you have a research idea, you can challenge yourself and create your own project and apply for resources, these are things we do all the time.

Another thing is when we team up with other stakeholders on joint projects such as people at universities or other companies. That brings an exciting mix of complexity and creativity, science and practical experience.

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