Fredrik Sandblom

As the transportation business in general, and Volvo Group in particular, is heading for big and exciting technological changes, we must never forget that personal matters changes too. When one of the buzzwords is “connectivity” we use that on a interpersonal levels as well.
Fredrik Sandblom

In the long run

I was specialized in signal processing and when trying to find a job after university, I got the question from Volvo Group: “Would you fancy doing research for us?” So I was introduced to a really exciting research program, made in partnership with Chalmers and University of Linköping. A project with long-term horizon, like most of my projects even today. That’s why it’s so great that the company culture promotes you to take time for the family.

In a large company, such as this one, there is always someone who is on parental leave. I am actually taking my second parental leave in 2018, and I have received only positive feedback from my colleagues and managers. It’s also a relief knowing that the work will be done while I am away and that it won’t be left waiting.

About optimization

I have been working for Volvo Group for a while and have a good deal of experience of rapid development and optimization processes. This is part of our daily routine, to continuously do things a little better.

In my area, in particular, we mostly focus on safety-critical solutions. It helps having more than 600,000 connected vehicles to communicate with. That’s Big Data. And now when we are moving towards automation, information is going to be even more critical.

How does long-term research projects go with parenthood? Very well actually.

An awesome journey is beginning

As an engineer in the automotive industry, I am particularly aware of the fact that a major shift is taking place in this sector.  Entering this business now is like joining the telecom sector in the 1990s, it’s really exhilarating. This may be hard to believe as vehicles, in a way, have been the same for a long time.

Soon though, we will have full automation, alternative fuels, electrification and fuel cells. We are incredibly dependent on transportation in our society while, at the same time, there are also issues related to this. We need to make big changes. Everyone knows this. And now it’s happening.

About being a mentor

When you work at Volvo Group you are part of a large collective that is spread over the world. Internally, we also say that we work with “connectivity”. I am a specialist in preventive safety, which also taps into the whole Automation journey. In that role, I am also expected to coach others, not just those people who are near me.

So, currently I am a mentor for a colleague in Bangalore, India. A type of global coaching which is based on elevating people no matter where they are located. Partly this is built on the individual's own interest, but “seek and ye shall find.” 

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