Jenny Bylerius

As a project leader at Volvo Group, you are part of a large company, which involves resources and opportunities to work in different areas, both globally and locally. At the same time, work is usually carried out in smaller teams where the individual is given a great deal of influence and responsibility.
Jenny Bylerius

What are you doing right now?

I am working with improving and developing our engines. When working with these types of projects, you must ensure that work is done in an optimal way, with as little waste of resources as possible and within a reasonable time frame. While Volvo Group is a huge company, teams are often small, which means that we have concrete and clear tasks that we are responsible for.

Always focus on root causes

We get most of our assignments from another function here at Volvo Group. They receive and prioritize the quality issues from our end customers, such as trucking companies and truck drivers.

Think of us as an investigation team of really skilled engineering specialists. When I take this assignment to my team, there is already a pre-study performed, so we can proceed with a thorough root cause analysis and finding the appropriate solutions.

We are not that interested in just addressing the symptoms, we want to know the primary root causes to solve the real problem. Then we go into next stage in the process where we fine-tune the solution and finally we go into verification - answering questions like, “will it work in reality?” and “will it benefit the client”. Important stuff.

The pride when you see a 40-ton Volvo truck on the road, knowing you are part of it!

On working globally...

Working with improvement activities predominantly requires a good deal of testing. Actually, I have previously worked as a test engineer dealing with the field test trucks, end customers and workshops. Since Volvo Group’s products are found more or less in the entire world; you have the opportunity to travel with your job.

On making a difference…

You feel a great sense of pride when you see a 40-ton Volvo truck, knowing that you have been involved in the development of it. It is really positive to work with improvements. Your work and the changes are quickly put in production and your work really makes a difference for our end customers! The aim is to keep a great uptime for all trucks, and thus the driver can use the truck during his/her working hours.

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