Abdellah Goultine

The Internship programme opened up an exciting world for engineer-to-be Abdellah Goultine. “It was fantastic! Even though I was an intern, I was allowed an insight into important technical projects. They trusted me, and that gave me a great deal of experience for the future,” he says.
Abdellah Goultine

Abdellah Goultine holds a mechanical engineering degree from INSA (the National Institute of Applied Sciences) in Lyon, France.

“I have a passion for engines, simulation, CAD design and things like that, so the course was perfect for me,” he says.

One way he had heard about the Volvo Group was via a friend who was working for the company and was highly content. Abdellah had also read about the Group’s values and found it an attractive prospect.

He applied to the Internship programme, was accepted and offered a place at the engine development division in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“The Internship programme gave me the opportunity of a fantastic internship in one of the world’s biggest companies, whilst getting to travel and discover a new culture,” he says, going on to describe how he enjoyed his time in Sweden and how friendly his colleagues were.

“I really felt at home there,” he reminisces.

Because Abdellah wants to continue to work – and forge a career – within the Volvo Group, it was only natural to take the next step and apply to the Engineering Graduate programme, and he will soon be back working on engine development within the Group. This time, in his home city of Lyon.

“The Volvo Group has always been my number 1 priority, and I’m so glad that I’m now able to carry on working in the company. In Lyon, I’ll be working on the same project as during my internship. It will be exciting! I’m going to be part of an international group and be in contact with my former colleagues in Gothenburg,” he reveals.

Looking forward, Abdellah is hoping for a long career within the Volvo Group. He’d be happy for it to take him to another country.

“I want to discover more of the world. There are interesting jobs with Volvo in India and the US, for example. It’s perfect for a young engineer looking for an international career,” he concludes.


Volvo Group International Internship Program

The Volvo Group International Internship Program is an exclusive program where the Volvo Group offers students the opportunity of an internship. The students come from the nine selected universities around the world that are members of the Group’s Academic Partner Program (APP).

Ahead of the next internship period – 2018 – the number of places has been expanded from 20 to 30 in total. That is a result of the significant recruitment needs that the Group has at present. The ten extra places open up opportunities to also recruit students in countries and at universities that are not involved in the APP.

Graduate programs

The Volvo Group currently offers two trainee programs:

the International Graduate Program and the more technically-focused Engineering Graduate Program.

Both programs sandwich work, training, job rotations and study visits to a number of the Group’s sites. After the trainee year, participants continue to work within different parts of the Group.