Meet Pierre-Alexis, a 22 years old student from France. He is perusing a degree in Industrial Engineering at our APP University, INSA de Lyon. He did an internship this year at Volvo Group Trucks Operation
Pierre Alexis

Which where your internship assignments?
My first assignment was connected to a research project in collaboration with Mälardalen University. The project aimed at analyzing an organizational strategy used in different Swedish companies called “Pilot Plant”. My mission was to analyze and describe the status of this concept in our local organization in Köping’s factory.

My second assignment was a process improvement and cost reduction project in the production field. I used problem solving methods and data analysis to identify the root causes and the best solution to solve specific quality issues in the production.

What did a typical day at work look like?
There was no typical day because they were all different! When I was not attending research conferences at Mälardalen University, I was acting like a real detective in the plant, trying to understand the problem and to find a solution. At the end, some colleagues even called me “Sherlock Holmes”.

How would you describe the experience of doing your internship in another part of the world?
While doing an internship in another country, not only you learn technical competence from the work but you also discover a total new culture. Dealing with new ways of working is definitely an excellent way to develop yourself and improve your flexibility. It’s also by looking at another culture that you can understand your own!

What did you learn?
Through my first assignment, I learned a lot about the collaboration between academia and industry in the research area. I had a good overview of what research is and what it means to be a researcher in an automotive industry like Volvo. I also now have a better picture of the challenges faced by an important factory like Volvo in its production and in its organization. I developed my skills in project management and learned how to work and communicate with people with a different culture.

Which was the most rewarding part of the internship?
Being responsible of my own projects. Being able see many different aspects of the engineering work while having a great overview of Volvo organization.

Witch Volvo value (of the 5)  do you most connect to? And why?
Passion. I really enjoyed all the things I did and I was always extremely interested in learning new knowledge. I was deeply committed to my missions and had fun while trying to meet my goals!

If you were to recommend The Volvo Group as an employer, what would you put forward?
What I like the most in Volvo Group is the company culture and the working dynamic. My colleagues have always been really reassuring and it seemed to me that there was a deep mutual aid among all employees. It has been a great pleasure to go to work every day !

What are you goals, plans and hopes for the future?
I will become engineer in one year. Why not try to use my skills at the production in some big company like Volvo then?

Name: Pierre-Alexis
Age: 22
University: INSA de Lyon
Major 1: Industrial Engineering
Alt. Major 2: Internship host organization: Volvo Group Trucks Operation
Site/Location: Köping, Sweden