Toru Hirata

Meet Toru, a 21 years old student from Japan. He is perusing a degree in International Business and Economics at Sophia University, Japan. He did an internship this year at Volvo Penta.
Toru Hirata from Sophia University in Japan
Toru Hirata from Sophia University in Japan

Which were your internship assignments?
Marketing- Attempting account based marketing and creating a best practices marketing book for our dealers

What did a typical day at work look like?
I would usually get to work around 8:30am and leave around 5:00pm. In the morning my manager and I would have a 15 minute quick progress report of my project. The marketing team had one meeting on Monday mornings and I usually did not have any other meetings. The rest of the day I would work on the content and the design of my project. 

How would you describe the experience of doing your internship in another part of the world?
Challenging for sure. Living and working outside of home is challenging since the same support system you would have at home is not available. However, I strongly believe in breaking outside the comfort zone which will ultimately prepare me for an international career

What did you learn?
I not only learned about the basics of marketing, but also some of the specifics. I had the opportunity to see how social media, newsletters and events were prepared. I learned how marketing videos are shot and edited as well.

Which was the most rewarding part of the internship?
I am only half way through my internship so I cannot say the most rewarding, however once my current project is finished and is distributed to all the dealers we have, that would be the most rewarding part of the internship.

Witch Volvo value (of the 5) do you most connect to? And why?

This is because many of the individuals I was fortunate to work with were filled with passion and were proud of their work. They told me that there should be a reason that drives me for completing the tasks. This is a value I will definitely take outside of Volvo, and live by it. 

If you were to recommend The Volvo Group as an employer, what would you put forward?
Volvo Group is a truly diverse and stimulating environment. Everyone that I have worked with was not only very competent in their fields but also extremely genuine to help out anyone that seeks help. 

What are you goals, plans and hopes for the future?
My goal is to work on the creative side of marketing. I want to create visually appealing advertisements, videos, brochures and newsletters. Advertisement videos are what attracted me to Volvo Group initially, and in the future I would love to be part of their marketing team. 

Name: Toru Hirata
University: Sophia University
Major 1: International Business and Economics
Alt. Major 2:Internship host organization: Volvo Penta of the Americas
Site/Location: Chesapeake, Virginia, USA