Zhen Sun

Meet Sun, a 22 years old student from China. He is perusing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at our APP University Tongji University. He is currently in Sweden doing an internship at the department Driveline systems at Volvo Construction Equipment in Eskilstuna.
Zhen Sun

Which where your internship assignments?
Learn to use the Axle design software and accomplish some small task with it. Measure the lead content of Axle module and its components. Learn about the Volvo organization system.

What did a typical day at work look like?
When I am familiar with CAD software Catia, I can always finish some tasks in drawing. Now, my major task is to figure out the material of different parts of axles , classify them according to materials, check lead content then make a list and highlight these with high lead content.  

Sometimes, some colleague will tell me how to make full use of the Prime to learn more things about Electronics Control , which I am more interested in.  In Fika time, my colleges always talk with me about some interesting things and Public Events, including the policy to the increasing refugee ,Swedish welfare and high Tax, excessive house price  in China and  recommendation about places of interest.

How would you describe the experience of doing your internship in another part of the world?
Incredible, self-challenged, worthy.   I have been eager to experience European Culture, however, I haven’t thought I will be here as  an intern of Volvo. Until arriving in Sweden, I still it is incredible for a Chinese student to work here.  

Living in a totally different place is indeed not a small question, no Chinese food , no friends and high commodity price. Honestly speaking, I was surrounded by loneliness and  deep homesick at that time. However, I recovered quickly and learn to do what Swedish people do.

As to the work, it’s a typical challenge for me to work in totally English environment. After one year study of Germen ,I have almost forgot English. Days elapsed before I could start working. However, when I know Volvo deeper and deeper gradually, I just fall in love with the small city, VCE and people here. It deserves all the effort!   

What did you learn?

1, Volvo enterprise culture including;   1) Safety is always most important,   2) Fika is always as important as work,    3) flexible working system

2, practical experience related to my major

3, global horizon

Which was the most rewarding part of the internship?
Figure out my occupational orientation and position, which contributes to a decision of work rather than further study.  As interns, process and culture are probably far more important than professional experience, especially for those studies engineering. There must be some peripheral but necessary work for interns. Most time, this provides me with an outline of processing things correctly and broadening horizon rather than improving my professional skill and enriching my professional knowledge.

After finding this fact, I adjusted my wishes and goals. I try to know Volvo’s procedure instead of drowning in the dream of leadership cultivating. At the same time, I try to make best use of SmarTeam to learn some technic knowledge by myself.

With a better understanding of a real work situation, I manage to figure out my professional orientation and give up studying further.

Which Volvo value (of the 5) do you most connect to? And why?


People here always focus on their work with high efficiency during working time, while in many Chinese company people would work slack with their cellphone in hand. I supposed that it’s the passion makes them to enjoy work and Fika vigorous. Employees have chance and also are encouraged to express their idea and won’t be neglected.

If you were to recommend The Volvo Group as an employer, what would you put forward?

A great platform to show oneself

Volvo is the biggest employer in Sweden with many branches abroad. A colleague told me, she worked for Volvo Group in Shanghai before and now for customer center in ESK. There are indeed many chances to switch different working sites and position. As long as one is capable, he can get the most suitable position and won’t be restricted with background problems. 

What are you goals, plans and hopes for the future?
Work directly, if possible, I’d like to be hired by Volvo.  As it is mentioned before, stepping into society may be the most favorable choice. With an early start, I can have more time to accumulate resource and experience, which support me to start my own business one day.  

Name: Zhen Sun
University: Tongji University
Major 1: Mechanical Engineering
Alt. Major 2: Internship host organization: Driveline systems in Volvo Construction Equipment
Site/Location: Eskilstuna ,Sweden