A day in the life of Jie Qiu, Rebuild and Repair Workshop Engineer in China

“Volvo Group acts as a beacon to its employees guiding them to build a better world for the future. I feel so proud to be a member of the company.”
Jie Qiu- Rebuild and Repair Workshop Engineer in China

“I work for Volvo Construction Equipment China as an engineer in the remanufacturing center. My colleagues and I conduct rigorous testing of each remanufactured part to ensure it meets the standards of the new part, and the old part will be revitalized after a series of remanufacturing processes. It is a significant work and I am thrilled when every little screw and nut can be reused, every reusable part turned into a remanufactured item that customers will need.

In our spare time, we talk about our work and family. The vision of a better future makes us full of energy when putting Volvo sustainable development concept into practice. During the seven years working at Volvo, I have really enjoyed the sense of accomplishment brought by my job, and sharing those cheerful moments with my colleagues each time we reach a new target.

Volvo’s concept of sustainable development is infused in our daily work life. We can keep track of this concept and the progress of various activities such as energy saving and environmental protection initiatives via the company websites, magazines, posters and conferences, etc. Between colleagues we often exchange some relevant practical experiences and implement those innovative ideas into our daily life.

The concept of sustainable development has positively influenced my child as well. Now my son will think twice and analyze whether the garbage could be recycled before he throws it out, which makes me feel very relieved.”