Meet Amra Insanic

Already as a university student, Amra Insanic came into contact with the world of real estate when she opened a brokerage firm.
Amra Insanic
Amra Insanic

A few years and jobs later, Amra joined the Volvo Group as a facility manager at Volvo Group Real Estate where she started in January 2016.

As a facility manager in Volvo Group Real Estate, there is no such thing as a typical day at the office. Facility management-related services can be anything from handling requests – or complaints – about cleaning, ventilation or signage, to office services such as reception or office moves.

The role requires a great deal of hands-on technical knowledge. It also includes budgeting, interior design and coordination of projects. One of Amra’s most recent tasks was to manage the storage and sale of furniture left over after office move projects in Gothenburg.

“As a facility manager, the most important thing is to be service-minded, flexible and solution-oriented. I need to solve problems short-term while always keeping in mind the long-term perspective as well, for instance by following the agreed processes. I have many meetings with employees and suppliers, and I come up against different challenges on a daily basis. Sometimes people are unhappy and it happens that they take their frustrations out on me. I have learnt not to take things personally,” says Amra.

The best part of the job according to Amra is the inclusive atmosphere, the diversity, the professionalism and the daily meetings with people at all levels and functions of the organization.

Name: Amra Insanic
Education: B.Sc. Production Technology Engineer, specialised in logistics and purchasing, Lund University
Position: Facility Manager
Organization: Volvo Group Real Estate
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden