Meet Bengt Köhlin

The title on Bengt Köhlin’s business card is Vice President Brand Management. Development of the Volvo Group’s brand portfolio is part of his job description. He frequently does this with all the other people in the Group who have the word “brand” printed on their business cards. But this is only part of his job.
Bengt Köhlin
Bengt Köhlin

“The brands impact everyone, regardless of whether they are involved in product development and production or work at a dealership. Everyone needs to understand the basic elements when it comes to the importance of brands,” explains Bengt Köhlin.

“The starting point for all the Volvo Group’s work on its brands is first and foremost the customer. What needs do customers have, how does demand look in different markets? This analysis forms the basis of a segmentation model and a positioning strategy. It’s a question of prioritising between different segments and positions, depending on the Group’s situation and the areas with the potential to grow profitably,” says Bengt Köhlin.

The next stage when it comes to positioning is to analyse the brands that match the needs in the different segments. One of the starting points is the value base of the different brands, their brand framework. This defines what this specific brand promises its customers, its core values, the attributes with which it should be associated and ways of proving that the brand promise is kept.

The brand framework of every brand then needs to be “translated” so that the product, service offers, customer reception and communication speak the same language. This results in strategies for products and communication. In addition, customers must feel that the brand promises permeate every interaction with the different brands in the Volvo Group

Name: Bengt Köhlin
Organization: Volvo Group
Education: Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics
Position: Vice President Brand Management
Location: Gothenburg , Sweden