Meet David Carlson

Korea in the morning and the US in the evening. At the Volvo Group in Eskilstuna, David Carlson works with colleagues around the world in an exciting project involving both change and technology.
David Carlson
David Carlson

The Volvo Group has more than 200 different models of construction equipment. To increase efficiency and save costs, future equipment will contain identical, modular architecture.

David Carlson’s role is to develop methods and work practices for the implementation of this programme. He helps and supports his colleagues, builds networks and conducts training activities. Such tasks require both tolerance and the ability to get people to communicate with each other. ”It is important that we send the same message to all of our engineers and designers around the world. We must be keenly aware of different cultures and ways of dealing with change. It is challenging but also a great learning experience,” he says. 

A major advantage with this type of work is that involves both technology and change.

”Due to my training as an engineer I enjoy working with all types of technology. But here I also get to experience a new dimension to my work which is great for my own personal development as well.”

David began working for the Volvo Group after completing the company’s trainee programme.

”It is a huge opportunity to get into the company and familiarise oneself with their operations. It also gave me the opportunity to work with this exciting project. I am happy that Volvo had such confidence in me,” he says, indicating that there are good opportunities for continued personal development within the Group.

”If you want to work for a major global company with opportunities for new challenges, the Volvo Group is a clear choice,” he says.

Name: David Carlson
Education: Industrial Design with an emphasis on Product development, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg
Position: Development Engineer
Organization: Volvo Construction Equipment
Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden