Meet Ebba and Maria

Ebba Bergbom Wallin and Maria Lundin are studying their first year at the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship (KBE), at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Both are very happy to have received a place in the Volvo Group International Internship Program and are looking forward to the exciting and instructive period ahead of them.
Ebba and Maria
Photo: Gabriel Isip

“Regardless of the experiences we will gain or the challenges we will meet, they will be valuable for us in the future, since we both are looking forward to working in an international environment after we have completed our MSc Degree. We look at this experience as incredibly rewarding and educational”, says Ebba.

Ebba’s internship will take her to Bangalore in India, where she is going to spend three months working within the area of Business and Finance.

“The internship will give me an opportunity to get a good insight in the company’s activities in India. Since India is an emerging market with a great potential, it will be a very interesting experience. The cultural contrasts between Sweden and India are also something that I am looking forward to experience. I think this trip will give me a lot of experiences and help me to see different situations in new perspectives”, she says.

Maria will take part in a project within the Volvo Group University in Lyon, France, which is about developing collaborations with top universities in the world around virtual learning. The internship is five months, of which three are spent in France.

“What I look forward to with this internship is of course to work and live in another country, which I think will be a valuable experience. Also, the project that I will be part of is really exciting and something that is at the forefront of future skills developments at companies, says Maria.