“The culture is great - everyone is helpful and makes you feel welcome”

Studying engineering and product design, Fredrik Eriksson’s six summer weeks at Volvo Group became an important work-life experience. For Fredrik, the summer job gave him a connection between theory and real-life practice.
Fredrik Eriksson, summer worker at Volvo Group

What did you do during your summer project?

My university has a collaboration with Volvo Group where students can apply for a summer project that also counts as a university course. My project at Volvo Group’s global organization for production of trucks was about implementing a new method for measuring properties in quenching oils used in the process.

Chemical engineering is not my area of expertise, but the project was more about developing and implementing a method. Even though it was a lot of information to take in at first, this project gave me a great opportunity to put theoretical knowledge from the university into practice.

How did you approach your task?

I applied user involvement in the development process, with the operators as my end customers. My objective was to develop a method for them to be comfortable using. In order to get everyone onboard, I considered how they work today and tried to get them involved in shaping the new procedures at an early stage.

And of course, there was a lot of measuring, testing, analyzing, and mapping as well, making sure that the method I developed followed the applicable standards.

What are your most important experiences?

For me personally, it was important to be able to make the connection between theory and real-life practice. Another important thing is the culture at Volvo Group. Everyone is helpful, they take the time to answer your questions and they make you feel welcome. It seems to me that Volvo Group as an employer is aware that this culture is something valuable.

Why did you apply for a summer job at Volvo Group?

I like travelling and seeing new places, and I want to move around in the world. In the future I want to work for a global employer such as Volvo Group. Getting a summer work at Volvo Group is a great opportunity. It’s getting me one step closer to my goal.

Do you have any advice for anyone seeking a summer job at Volvo Group?

There are many applicants for the summer jobs at Volvo Group, and as a consequence the applications may become a little bit impersonal. Try to describe why you want to work at Volvo Group and what you like about the employer. I think that is the key.

Name: Fredrik Eriksson

Title: Summer worker

Location: Köping, Sweden

Education: Studies Product Design, previously Innovation Technology, both at Mälardalen University

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