Meet Girish Jandhyala

After finishing his studies in his native country India, Girish Jandhyala had to choose where he wanted to work. “I decided to always choose the best in the industry, so Volvo Trucks was the obvious choice,” he says.
Girish Jandhyala
Girish Jandhyala

He hasn’t regretted it since. After a few years in India, Girish and his family relocated to the Volvo Group in the United States, where he works on the Volvo Production System. The system aims to help the organisation be as smart and efficient in its work as possible.

Much of Girish’s working time is spent on training and interacting with executives and management within the organization in order to identify opportunities to challenge them to reach their full potential.

“I love seeing people blossom and seeing them get results both in the office environment and in production,” he declares.

According to Girish, the advantage of working in the Volvo Group is that it is a large organisation that is full of life.

“Despite its size, the organization has a soul. There are opportunities to positively enrich people’s lives,” he explains.

Looking to the future, Girish would like to have a more customer-facing role one day. 

“At the moment I work on supporting the organisation, which in turn supports customers. My plan is to move closer to the end customers and be involved in helping to strengthen our partnership,” he says.

Name: Girish Jandhyala
Education: Bachelors in International Business, Masters in Economics, Masters in Business Administration
Position: Global Lean Manager
Organization: Volvo Production System, Volvo Group Truck Manufacturing.
Location: Greensboro, NC, USA