Meet Lars Wemme

Lars Wemme is leading the work of introducing the VGMS, Volvo Group Management System. It is a collection of information describing how we manage things and work within the Group. It explains how we fulfil the expectations of customers, society, employees and owners. The objective is improved results, greater efficiency and enhanced quality.
Lars Wemme
Lars Wemme

VGMS comprise processes, role descriptions, organisational schedules, policies, functional descriptions, measurement definitions and so on. Everything will be gathered together in one place.

“It will be used as a reference framework for all the employees to explain how the Group functions, what is expected of them and how they can help to improve operations”, he says. 

The work is incredibly complex because of the huge number of stakeholders and the content. 

“At the same time, this is exactly why I find this task so exciting and challenging. The work is made easier by the excellent collaboration and support within the organisation.”

Previously, he was at Volvo IT, he has been involved in similar tasks.

“We combined six management systems to create one. It involved some 6,000 co-workers, but it was basically the same. So I do have some experience, even if this is much more comprehensive. This is a never-ending process. We are going to continue developing the VGMS to turn it into a living system which will help the management spread knowledge and improve the Volvo Group.”

Name: Lars Wemme
Education: Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, Quality & Lean Management
Position: Director Volvo Group Management System
Organization: Group Finance
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden