Meet Linnan Yu

Linnan Yu’s ambition is to become a good manager. She also wants to continue her career in the field of supply chain, an area that she believes is important for the Volvo Group’s business.
Linnan Yu
Linnan Yu

To ensure that production in the group’s factories runs smoothly, thousands of suppliers all over the world must deliver the right parts at the right time.

Linnan Yu works in the group’s industrial business. She is based in Gothenburg, but she has a network of contacts covering the whole of the world.

Her job is to act as the link between suppliers and the factories that manufacture engines and other components of trucks’ powertrains.

“I support and train the suppliers in the Volvo Group’s delivery system. It is important for them to meet our logistics requirements and for us to work together to find the most flexible solutions at the best price,” she explains.

Linnan says that one of the main challenges of her role is accommodating the cultural differences.

“I work closely with people from different countries and I have to understand and adapt to their culture. Sometimes it’s difficult, but it’s also very inspirational. You grow with the job,” she says.

Working in the field of logistics was an obvious choice for Linnan Yu.

“We can really make a difference to the entire business, partly by keeping costs to a minimum and partly by improving deliveries,” she explains. Linnan Yu was recruited by the Volvo Group after completing the company’s trainee programme. She joined the programme after completing her degree at the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University.

“Volvo was the perfect opportunity for me. I wanted to join an international company with an open culture,” she says and explains that the career opportunities are excellent.

“I would like to become a manager and there is a good system of personal development plans that will help with that,” she adds.

Name: Linnan Yu
Education: Master´s degree in innovation and industrial management, School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University, Sweden.
Position: Logistics manager
Organization: Volvo Group´s global powertrain production
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden