It’s great to be able to share experiences

Through Volvo Group University, Márcio had the opportunity to meet project managers from other areas. He explains how a corporate university can make a difference.
Márcio M. Soares
Márcio M. Soares

As Chief Project Manager in Sales and Marketing, Márcio M. Soares rarely has the opportunity to interact with project managers from other areas, such as for example engineering departments. “I had the opportunity to participate in a Risk Management training offered by the Volvo Group University,” he explains. “The exchange of experiences between project managers from different areas of the Volvo Group was without a doubt of great value to all of us who participated in the course.”

Márcio works within the Sales & Marketing organisation at Volvo Construction Equipment in Curitiba, Brazil. In his daily work, he collaborates with the Process & IT team and is responsible for initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing processes throughout business strategic projects.  

“Although people commonly agree that effective risk management is a key factor in any successful project, putting it into practice is not trivial,” he says. “The techniques and experiences shared by the instructor helped me to visualize how to effectively apply risk management theory in actions, in my daily routine as project manager.”

He continues: “Compared to courses offered by regular universities, a course offered by a corporate university allows you to bring the theory from books and discuss it with the perspective of your daily challenges. The courses offered by the Volvo Group University are golden opportunities for you to interact and learn together with your peers from other departments, besides having access to state-of-the-art knowledge. Don’t let learning opportunities pass you by!”

First and last name: Márcio Morelli Soares
Position: Project Manager
Location: Curitiba, Brazil
Organisation: Volvo Group IT - Shared IT Services
Education: Master of Science in Production and Systems Engineering, MBA in Project Management