Meet Marcus Thomson

Marcus Thompson started his career in trucks at the age of five. With the help of his sister, he wrote a letter to Father Santa, aka Santa Claus, and then shoved it into the belly of a coal stove. Running outside, he watched smoke swirling from the chimney. His sister smiled and said, "Santa will know what we wrote down."
Marcus Thomson
Marcus Thomson

"That was my first experience with social media," says Marcus, adding, "Had my sister not told my parents what was in my letter to Santa, I would have probably just received a new pair of socks."

Advance to adulthood and trucks are still a passion in his life. Starting as a forklift driver at Volvo Trucks New River Valley Assembly plant, in Dublin, VA, USA, he was soon assembling trucks.

"Then I started getting involved in our Total Quality Management (TQM) activities.  Ideas were in my head, and like some industrial employees, I felt communications was lacking.  Volunteering for one committee lead to another. Then our plant manager asked if I would like to apply for a temporary job as a communications facilitator. Working for our training manager provided opportunities I would have never dreamed possible."

Soon he was practicing the art of storytelling and weaving a need for business results into everyday dialogue.  Several years later, another plant manager asked Marcus to increase the focus of using intangibles in a positive manner to impact tangible business results. 

As NRV's Inspiration/Communication manager, his job is to anchor our Group’s values, continuous improvement and business strategy toward long term success for customers, employees and the company.

Marcus says, "Striving to keep our 2,400 person team informed, inspired and engaged is fun.  It is also challenging, yet magic happens when members of our team "Know, Feel and Do" something. We all are working toward making our customers successful, and that is exciting!”

Over the span of 20 years, he has written over 6,000 information newsletters, videotaped customer testimonials, hosted thousands of customers and worked to assure society recognizes Volvo Trucks as the leader in transportation solutions.

As for that truck he ordered from Santa, Marcus' four grandchildren now play with the red toy truck, and Marcus is still in love with trucks.

Name: Marcus Thompson
Education: College classes in business and related fields and “Continuing personal development”
Position: Communications Manager
Organization: Volvo Group’s global truck operation
Location: Dublin, USA

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