“It’s great to have a job where you get to learn new things”

Maria Zetterberg applied for summer work at Volvo Group – and got an instant international experience. “I could be on phone with someone in Nigeria and get a call from Belarus the next hour,” says Maria.
Maria Zetterberg, summer worker at Volvo Group.

What did you do at your summer job?

I have been responsible for customer orders within the marine segment at Volvo Penta. I worked with the process from order placement to the delivery at the customers. I worked with many different markets, for example Nigeria, Cuba, Tahiti, Greece, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

A major part of my job was to synchronize everything internally and with the customer to make sure that everything worked smoothly along the entire process.

So, you had a lot of customer contact?

Yes, I did – both via e-mail and phone. The ordering process is not as linear as it may sound. Our customers often wanted to change or maybe add something to their orders, and I pulled the strings to make things happen.

I liked that my days contained various tasks: Keeping the customers updated, arranging shipments and getting certificates from authorities in specific countries, keeping track of orders and sending invoices.

How come you applied for a summer job at Volvo Group?

I’m the kind of person who likes to challenge myself. When I saw the ad from Volvo Group, I thought it sounded exciting. I didn’t apply for a specific job but filled out a general application. It was part of the fun to see what kind of position they thought would be a good match for me.

Also, I have always thought there is a bit of a mysterious shimmer over the office buildings of Volvo Group I often pass by, and I wanted to have a look inside and find out more!

What are your most important experiences?

Before starting the job, I was nervous since I didn’t know much about engines. But that wasn’t a problem – the value chain is about processes regardless of the product. And whenever I had questions, everyone was very helpful. It’s great to have a job where you get to learn new things.

It was also exciting to learn about the differences between the countries I worked with. The cultures are very different, and you need to adapt accordingly.

Do you have any advice for anyone seeking a summer job at Volvo Group?

I believe it’s important that you are curious and have a genuine interest in Volvo Group. I think you should ask yourself why you want this job and try to express that in your application – that will make you stand out. Also, keep an open mind, see the opportunities and take the chance to challenge yourself when you get it!

Name: Maria Zetterberg

Title: Summer worker

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Education: Master studies in Value Chain Management, The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, previously a bachelor’s degree in business studies, School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg

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