Mastering new technologies also means mastering cyber security

When Yi Sun joined the Volvo Group in 2013, he knew he wanted to work at the cutting edge of technology leadership. As the Director of the newly formed Product Cyber Security team he is doing exactly that. Yi tells us why the focus on mastering new technologies and innovation is so crucial.
Yi Sun

I head up a new team that drives product cyber security management on a cross-functional, holistic level across the Volvo Group. As vehicles become more modern and packed with digital and connected services, they also become vulnerable to cyber attacks. We develop strategies and solutions to protect our products and customers from the so-called “bad guys” – hackers or cyber terrorists – who may try to interfere with the connected systems in our vehicles and services.

Although I’ve only been with the Volvo Group for five years, this is my third role in the organization. I previously dealt with areas from embedded system development to connectivity and cyber security. I started out in Group IT, before moving across to Process & IT within Group Trucks Technology.  Having the opportunity to lead this new organization is just one of the examples that shows how the Volvo Group has supported me to develop and perform in this truly global company.

I grew up in China and moved to Gothenburg in 2006 to study a Masters in Computer Science at Chalmers. From there, I moved to Lund, where I worked for Sony Ericsson and completed another Masters in Sustainable Business Leadership at the Lund University Economics School.

Although I come from a computer and mobile phone background, I think working in the automotive industry allows me to make more of a difference. Whereas mobile technology is changing the way we communicate, transport is the lifeblood of society – and, as such, it contributes to society in a much bigger way than mobile phones do.

I am really proud to be part of the journey of mastering new technologies, which is one of our priority areas.

The Volvo Group is equal to safety and responsibility to society. I knew this even before I came to Sweden. Now, working here, I am really proud to be part of the journey of mastering new technologies, which is one of our priority areas.  Cyber security is one of the most fast-paced and innovative domains developing alongside connectivity and automation. By delivering in the area of cyber security, we will be succeeding in protecting our customers from the cyber threats and enabling the further utilization of connectivity and automation in our products for their needs.

I believe that one of the things that makes the Volvo Group unique – and one of the competitive advantages that will help us live up to the great expectations that our customers and society have on us – is the people in the organization.

There are so many skilled, passionate people in this company. And while they may not all be experts in cyber security, they recognize how crucial it is. More importantly, they’re all experts in their fields and I believe that, by combining our shared expertise, we will succeed in achieving our goals together.

For me, this is what makes the Volvo Group such a great place to work.

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