Mattias is really pleased he applied for the Volvo Group

When the position of Feature Specialist Aerodynamics was advertised last year it was natural for Mattias Hejdesten to apply. He had been in the same team at Volvo Cars for 13 years and needed a new challenge in his career.
Mattias Hejdesten

“I’m really pleased I took this step. Just like Volvo Cars, the Volvo Group is an attractive company with sound values and ambitious targets. I received a warm welcome and my supportive manager introduced me very well.

As a new member of a team, it’s incredibly important quickly to see yourself as part of the big picture in order to feel engaged and deliver more effectively.

“In my role, I’m involved in different product and method projects and, in just a short time, I have made many important contacts with committed stakeholders within the organisation.

I’m the leader of a team with fantastically skilled members and it’s my job to inspire and set the direction for our work. Teambuilding and feedback are important to me and I really see the Volvo Group giving me the potential in continuing developing as a leader.

“Since I started this job, I have been appointed Engineering Feature Specialist & Global Expertise Team Leader - Aerodynamics

& Soiling. This involves leading our area’s network in the creation of visions and long-term plans for knowledge and technology development to enable us to work proactively, improve quality and reduce the lead times.”

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