Meet Raili Riiberg

Raili Riiberg moved from Estonia to Gothenburg to work as a project leader and see another side of the organization. “It was a nice step forward,” she says.
Raili Riiberg
Raili Riiberg

As project leader, her task was to actively work with Commercial Crews (cross functional sales teams) within Volvo Trucks European division. The aim of the project was to work actively with the sales crews by putting more focus on competencies, cross-functional teamwork to support achieving business objectives.

“The brand values of the company suited my personal values, and the position offered – marketing – was my targeted area of interest in career path.”

Her career with the Volvo Group has been an interesting and challenging journey so far

“The company offers many possibilities for personal development, if you are driven and active. I really can recommend Volvo Group as an employer. The team, the historic background, the future vision and the global reach are some of many things I will highlight.

Her best experience from being an employee of the Volvo Group is when the people of the organization come together to achieve a common goal.

“It is amazing to be part of these moments – weather it is the Estonian organization of 85, or thousands of employees in Gothenburg.

After a year in Gothenburg, she has returned to Volvo Estonia to work in the local marketing department

“The knowledge and the network I have acquired have given me a new perspective and understanding. While still keeping our customers as priority number one, I will continue to push for the cross functional way of working to achieve our target – to become a customer company. This also includes personal development, so it is a win-win solution”.

Name: Raili Riiberg
Organization: Volvo Trucks
Position: Marketing manager
Location: Tallinn, Estonia