Meet Samuel Sun

When Volvo gets paid on time, Samuel Sun feels that he has done a good job. “I am happy when I can help dealers to improve their cash flow, he says.
Samuel Sun
Samuel Sun

Samuel Sun applied for a position with the Volvo Group just over a year ago. He wanted to work in the field of credit control and realised that the group’s construction equipment business was a company that he would enjoy working for.

“Volvo is a very strong brand and I am proud to be part of the Volvo Group.” he says.

Samuel Sun works closely with dealers all over China. He helps them to analyse their cash flows, monitor their sales statistics and improve their financial situation.

“The market for construction equipment in China is tough at the moment. Overall sales have fallen and our dealers need all the help they can get,” he explains.

Samuel Sun also believes that his managers give him very good support.

“This is a high priority area and that’s why it is particularly satisfying for me when I feel that I can help and really make a difference,” he says.

In the future, Samuel Sun wants to continue his career in the field of credit control. He is currently learning English and also wants to develop his management skills, among other things.

“There are a lot of opportunities for development and training. During the last year I have learned a great deal and had new experiences that I can build on.”

Name: Samuel Sun
Education: Master’s degree in industrial economics at Shanghai Maritime University
Position: Regional Credit Manager
Organization: Volvo Construction Equipment
Location: Shanghai, China

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