Meet Sophie Aguerre

According to Sophie Aguerre, one of the major benefits of working in the Volvo Group is that it is a global organization.
Sophie Aguerre
Sophie Aguerre

“You go on a journey every day, even if you’re just sitting in front of your computer,” she says.

Sophie Aguerre began working as an intern in the legal department at Renault Trucks in 2002 as part of the group’s internship program. Her decision to join Renault Trucks was a deliberate one.

“I come from Lyon in France, where Renault Trucks is regarded as one of the best employers in the region. Also many of my relatives and friends have worked for the company,” she says.

After her internship, Sophie continued working at Renault Trucks as a legal counsel. She explains that this is an exciting job with a lot of day-to-day variety.

“As a lawyer, I get involved in a lot of different issues and projects, including negotiations about contracts and different types of agreement. One of the benefits for me is the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of external partners. I am also surrounded by knowledgeable and committed colleagues from different backgrounds and cultures. This means that at the end of the day I always go home with the feeling that I’ve learnt something new,” she says.

For the last four years, Sophie has had the chance to work outside France. She moved to Gothenburg in Sweden to join the Volvo Group Trucks Operations (GTO).

“It’s not often that lawyers get this sort of opportunity, but in the Volvo Group it worked out really well,” she explains.

Now she’s going back to Lyon and the Renault Trucks sales organization as Legal and Compliance Director International.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” she says.

Name: Sophie Aguerre
Education: Master of Law and Financial Engineering
Position:  Legal and Compliance Director
Organization: Renault Trucks
Location: Lyons